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Why Zapp Mallet Thinks Ghanaian Musicians deserve an applauds.

The veteran music producer, Zapp Mallet, in an interview with MzGee told her how impressed he is in the new generation Ghanaian artists, concerning their smart decision to 'fill the vacum' that was created in the Ghana Music Industry some years ago.

He believes that this vacuum that was created was only due to technology which to an extent forced some traditional producers out of the Music Industry.

This is because while the traditional producers and the old artists were still struggling to find their feet in the new wave, the new artists were ready to take advantage of this change to record and market their music online with their own funds. This created an emphasis on the irrelevance of physical CDs and granted more attention to the digital consumption of music.

When Zapp was asked how this affected him, he promptly answered that it rather took a physical strain off him since he now did not have to produce music for the old artists with his own funds. He stated again that production of singles was better in terms of money and easier to produce as compared to the production of an album.

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