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Ghanaian Lady Turns Disposable Covid-19 Nose Masks Into A Swimwear

Disposable nose mask has become major topic and have become part of everyday life.

After the breakout of Coronavirus (Covid-19), nose mask, hand sanitizers, soap and other PPEs has become something normal to human life as they are use in protection against the virus.

As we went out conveying how these PPEs are kept. We found out that protect against the coronavirus (Covid-19) turns another way round to pollute our environment due to improper disposal of the items.

Ghana has a hygiene problem. In fact Ghana is one of the few countries on the continent that has river of trash in the capital city as seen below.

In recent photos sighted, young influencers have started dispose of (use) the disposal nose mask in different way to protect the hygiene of the environment as well.

Instead of leaving the masks to dirty the environment, these ladies have turned them into swimwear telling everyone to protect his or herself for covid-19 is real.

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