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She Broke Up With Me Over Waakye - A Young Man Narrates His Painful Breakup

She Broke Up With Me Over Waakye - A Young Man Narrates His Painful Breakup.

Afro-pop musician and choreographer Andrews Commey Otoo popularly known as Mr. Drew in his attempt to promote his new song titled "Pains" asked his followers to share their worst breakup stories.

It was at the moment when a social media user Wilf Mandela on the microblogging platform Twitter shared a very strange and yet funny story of the worst breakup he encountered.

According to the social media user, his former partner terminated their relationship over waakye.

Wilf explained that his girlfriend after asking for waakye ate only the rice in the waakye and omitted the beans and told him their relationship has turned into beans, meaning it's over.

Wilf Mandela wrote;

"She asked me to get her waakye and I got it for her. She separated the rice from the beans and ate the rice and asked what was left. I said " beans" and she said that was the state of our relationship."

The post made by Wilf has been trending since.

Note that: Young Ghanaians use the term beans to informally represent something that's not working or didn't work.

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