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School girl, passes on after condom got trapped inside her after being defiled in school

School girl, 12, passes on after condom got caught inside her in the wake of being contaminated in school

A schoolgirl recognized as Keren-Happuch Aondodoo Akpagher, has tragically passed on after she was supposedly debased at school and a condom got caught inside her.

The 12-year-old girl who was allegedly a guest at Premiere Academy Lugbe, in Abuja became sick and couldn't walk a couple of days prior.

After series of tests were run on her at the medical clinic, it's anything but a condom was causing harm in the framework prompting her less than ideal passing.

As per a source, "The school would not deliver her yet shipped her to the center where her mom met her and worked with her treatment. Aondodoo was troubled when she learnt she would be returning to the school.

Her mom called and messaged the head and the lady for more than four hours requesting them to deliver her yet they declined at first saying she should remain in disconnection for seven days on her return.

Yet, they at last permitted her to follow her mom home. On returning home with her mom, she became sick on Sunday night and was raced to the emergency clinic.

On Monday, her condition had weakened and was raced to the medical clinic. While looking at her, the specialist saw a release, ran a test, and found that it's anything but a condom that was left in her.

Her pee test uncovered dead spermatozoa and she kicked the bucket early long stretches of Tuesday from hyperglycemia set off by sepsis coming about because of the contamination brought about by the condom in her.

Her mother got her on June 19 and she kicked the bucket on June 21. She slipped into a state of unconsciousness and passed on. She was damaged.

Her family requests equity as the school is attempting to cover it up." Her mother, in a talk with newsmen, affirmed that three representatives of the school had been excused for sexual maltreatment.

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