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Arise Ghana demo, Next Tuesday and Wednesday: Arise for the country has gone mad- Franklin endorses

Martin Luther King once said that "the only way for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing." It seems the current state of the economy has reached a disastrous peak which has compelled heads of civil society organizations and journalists to join demonstrations. Their quest to participate is to speak truth to power and say to the government that enough is enough.

Franklin Cudjoe, head of Imani Africa and other top-notch media practitioners have made known their intentions to partake in the upcoming demonstrations which are scheduled next Tuesday and Wednesday.

These individuals have decided that they can no longer withstand the ostrich politics but to make their voices heard. The demonstration dubbed "arise Ghana demo" seeks to awaken those at the helm of affairs and the masses in general. He posted on his Facebook account and also proposed in his writeup that Ghana as a country go to the International Monetary Fund(IMF).

However, many of the the the followers who responded seem to disagree with him about IMF. It’s important to arise but IMF is not the solution because the country has been with IMF before and it was the same. The solution is to arise, to call for a stop to the plundering of the wealth of the nation by politicians and people in government.

They posited that we have to arise for our problem, the “Constitution” that gives so much power to the politicians to loot and share our resources amongst themselves to be amended. If we want to save the economy, we should demonstrate for removal of ex gratia, and also all government appointees should buy their fuel. At least doing this will save the economy.

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