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Opinion: Allowing NDC to demonstrate whiles denying fix the country campaigners a case of bias?

One question that has been bothering me today has to do with the ongoing alleged March for justice by the National Democratic congress. The question is why deny and frustrate fix the country campaigners just a few weeks ago and then be fast to allow the NDC to demonstrate?

For the past one or two months now, the youth have been on a mission to put out their frustrations in the system for the government to get it fixed. However, all they got was frustrations from the same system they were trying to get fixed.

Ghana police cited coronavirus as the reason for stopping the youth from demonstrating which then resulted in a back and forth in court. It then sort of escalated when some 15 campaigners were arrested together with Efia Odo on the day judgement was to be given.

This arrest among other frustrating moments led to Efia Odo deciding to take a break from this whole fix the country thing and focus on herself saying her mental health matters.

However, what is quite surprising is why the NDCs decision to demonstrate following the shooting incident at Ejura among others was quickly approved? Is it a matter of bias? Is the NDC more powerful than the youth hence the police decision to quickly give them the green light to demonstrate? Or the threat of coronavirus is no longer there?

These are questions I believe needs some answers. I guess this is why most Ghanaians say the country and our attitudes need to be fixed. 

The way we handle issues in the country need to be looked at and done in the right way. Certain aspect of people are being favored leaving others to their fate. 

Clearly, we feel this is a form of bias and unfair treatment on the part of those in government. If the NDC’s peaceful match was given the green light then it could have been fair if it was same for the #fixthecountry campaigners. 

It feels like the system is bias and see to treat some kind of people with respect and importance.

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