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Another Suicide: Boyfriend Shoot His Girlfriend And Commits Suicide Afterwards.

The number of suicides reported this year appears to be at an all-time high. In the month of May alone, nearly ten suicides were reported across the country. Only God knows what motivates people to commit these unfathomable atrocities.

The killings are getting excessive, and they must be addressed immediately before they have an influence on future generations. On Angel Fm's midday news only yesterday, Akwasi Ofori shot and killed his 38-year-old wife after suspecting her of infidelity.

Residents claim that Sampson Ataafi suspected the lady of cheating on him and ambushed her and her new boyfriend.

They told the story of Sampson, who opened fire on his girlfriend through a trap door when he realized she was in the new boyfriend's room. Fortunately for Melody, she was hit in the left side breast by the bullet, and while Sampson thought the lady had died, he opened fire on himself, resulting in his death.

Melody Owusu was rushed to Kpando's Margret Marquart Catholic Hospital for medical treatment, while the body of Sampson Ataafi is still being transported by the police.

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