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Men Should Drink Water Before Sex – Traditional Doctor

As our health professionals always say, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to promote good health, and even drinking water early in the morning before breakfast is also very helpful, and research has also shown that drinking warm water on empty stomach is also good,

According to a traditional doctor who normally teaches traditional ways of treating various ailments on a morning show program, on an Accra based radio station, has advised men to drink water before sex to enhance their performance in bed, therefore acting as natural aphrodisiac for men, according to the Traditional Doctor, who seeks to promote natural ways of promoting good sex, men should stop taking too much aphrodisiac and rather resort to exercising and drinking a lot of water before sex to enhance their love making to their spouse or partners, he further went on to advice women to also drink lot of water after sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy, rather than using contraceptives, adding that too much usage of aphrodisiacs and contraceptives have adverse side-effects. 

Content created and supplied by: Doris Agbenyegah (via Opera News )


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