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Marriage With Robots Could Be Very Normal In The Next 30 Years - Says Dr David Levy.

Dr David Levy contends sex and associations with androids could even be normal in the following 30 years. 

He predicts automated sex dolls will turn out to be so savvy they can foster characters and hold discussions "on any degree of complexity". 

The writer of the book Love And Sex With Robots figures a few group could quit having associations with people since they incline toward cyborgs. 

Dr Levy, 76, says they could even supplant sex laborers. 

The Brit, who has a PhD in Social Robotics, clarified: "Similarly as it is currently acknowledged in many nations we can wed individuals of a similar sex, so will sex robots become acknowledged. 

"Individuals will ultimately be experiencing passionate feelings for and engaging in sexual relations with robots. 

"I figure the principal complex sex robots will be around by 2050, however it will be an additional 50 years before they're typical and individuals acknowledge it's entirely expected for a companion to say, 'I'm enamored with a robot and I am considering wedding it'." 

He was talking in front of the 6th International Congress On Love And Sex With Robots, to be held distantly one month from now.

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