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I'm Going Through A Divorce With No Job After Quitting My High Paying Job To Be A Housewife

Nowadays being a housewife shouldn't be a dream job of any woman, it makes the man of the house sole provider for the family, which allows him to have total power over what you say and do, moreover men are not to be trusted.

A woman shares with this portal how she felt a long-term mental disorder after quitting her high paying job and became a housewife.

She was on record to have said;

 In January, I found out that my husband of almost 4 years was having an affair and he actually brought this woman to my home, i was devastated to say the least.

 I met my husband 5 years ago as he swept me off my feet and we got married 11months after we met. I thought we had a great marriage blessed with two handsome boys. 

In 2018 we moved 800 miles away to a very small town due to his job. I quit my high paying job at a company that I had worked for 3 years to move away from my family and job/career to be a house wife. Then here we are 2 years later going through a divorce with no job.

 I felt a long-term mental disorder going through all of these emotions from acceptance to denial. I tried all the best effort i could to get him back from this woman whom he was having an affiar with, and make him see how much i love to be with him. But he insisted he never wanted to be with me anymore.

 Its was almost 4 months since he started living with this other woman, then i decided to go on my knees with fasting and prayers for divine intervention when i felt everything was lost to me. 

Today I have the most wonderful and happy marriage after interceding for my husband and that was how my marital life was fixed back to its right track, with lesson of never to be a housewife anymore.

If you are a married woman facing loveless and unhappiness in your marriage that you think cannot be brought back to life and you can only determine that by being very honest with yourself, believe me, there's light at the end of this tunnel.

 Listen to your heart and get yourself of that pain go find help by cry unto your making with fasting and prayers, you will surely get out of that situation.

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