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We Undress And Show Our Bodies For Men To Watch On Snapchat For Money - Actress Details Her Hustle

A beautiful young entrepreneur and actress have disclosed how she and other young ladies make money with Snapchat and other social media apps. Ellen Adade narrated that it is not easy to be a beautiful young lady and be in hardship. In such situations, it is very easy for one to do anything at all for money. She disclosed that they go naked on Snapchat for men to watch as they have a video call. With the video call, they get about 50 to 100 Cedis per one video call on Snapchat.

But when they meet the men in person to have sexual intercourse, they take about 500 Ghana Cedis. Sometimes, the kind of things they do to attract men is by posting pornographic videos of their status and stories. They do all of these because of hunger and not getting the needed support from friends and family. Ellen mentioned that for her, she can not go a day without eating so that was what she used to do to survive.

And before these young ladies go on social media to expose themselves to men for money, they get drunk on alcohol and other illegal drugs to get lots of morale and strength for the things they do. Ellen narrated an incident where a high profile man sleep with her and some of her colleagues and escaped. She said they were then in SHS and needed money to register for the WASSCE. They had no one to support them so they went to see a man who promised to give them the money after sleeping with them.

The man had sex with them and gave them his phone number to call him to meet at a certain place for their money. After making the call, later on, they realized the number was incorrect. They never saw the man again. With some capital Ellen had, she started a business at a Sawmill in Kumasi and other businesses as well. She advised young ladies to be diligent in every little work they find and also protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases. 

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