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Kidi Poses With His Wealthy-Looking Female Look-Alike

One thing celebrities endure a lot of when they become famous is the pop-up look-alikes.

Most of the celebrities in the country have one. Sarkodie's look-alike appeared on date rush. Kuami Eugene's look-alike has used the semblance to go viral on social media apps, while Jackie Appiah has met hers in person.

Kidi, one of the most iconic artists currently, also has his fair share of look-alikes or those who go the extra mile to look like him. During an interview at a television station, one surprised him and they shared a picture.

In many of the look-alikes we have seen, the celebrity is often wealthier, popular and thus inspires the look-alike to adopt the celebs' look even more. However, a recent picture that is trending online tells a different story.

The picture trending shows Kidi with a female look alike. Not only did she look like Kidi by having similar facial features but she also accessorized just like him.

The difference between her and the other look-alikes is her perceived social class. So it raises the question of who copied who in terms in terms of the hairstyle and accessories?

Did Kidi draw inspiration from this wealthy-looking woman? Or did the woman being one of Kidi's biggest fans try to look like him?

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