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Clemento Suarez Celebrate Gyimidi the Female Comedian From Takoradi as He Carries Her

I am Macho Enough to carry you in my arms and celebrate your effort.

Perhaps this may be Clemento Suarez's words as he carried Gyimidi in His Arms during an Award Ceremony.

If you have ever underestimated the strength of a man, whether he is tall, short, lean or physically built, you should rethink. 

Clement Ashiteye popularly known as Clemento Suarez, one of Ghana's comedian and actor did the unexpected when he suddenly carried Gyimidi, a fast rising female comedian from the western regional's capital Takoradi. 

This happened when she was awarded during the second edition of the Comedy and Poetry Awards which was held recently at the Miklin Hotel in Accra. 

Clemento Suarez surprised Gyimidi when he gathered momentum and carried her in his 'macho' arms. 

Well, could it be a sign of endorsement for the budding comic actress or ironically an exhibition of Clemento's machoism. 

Or possibly telling Gyimidi that you are well protected in this industry, don't be afraid you can count on me. 

Gyimidi who was surprised yet elated wrote on her Facebook wall rhetorically asked, " Has a star carried you before?" 

Gyimidi who doubles as a comedian and an actress is known in private life as Gifty Arthur. 

Gifty Arthur, popularly referred to as Gyimidi, is a multi talented female comedian who came into the limelight barely two years ago. 

She is a singer, an actress and above all a comedian. 

When you hear her sing, you will wonder why she has chosen comedy over becoming a musician. 

Your name Gyimidi means " believe in me" yes I am sure Ghanaians believe in you and are proud of you for being bold and proud of what you have as a female comedian. 

Congratulations for being awarded as one of the talented female Comedians in Ghana. 

Ghanaians are anxiously waiting to enjoy more of your comedy.

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