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25-Year-Old Man Dies Screaming "Ah, See Money, Plenty Money" In Edo

Ebafor, a 25-year-old man, and Alex, a 36-year-old, died under mysterious circumstances Tuesday at the same hospital in Igara, Edo, according to The PUNCH.

An eyewitness who spoke of the incident said on Tuesday that the deaths appeared to be a confusing money ritual.

The source said: “Ebafor [reserved surname] was with his aunt Monday night drinking around 9pm when he suddenly started screaming, 'Ah! look money, lots, money! Alex, you're a bad friend, a bad friend. '

"He started acting hysterical so they tried to calm him down but he started vomiting blood and was rushed to the hospital.

"They arrived at the hospital around 10pm and when the doctor did a preliminary check he started calling Alex's name again at the hospital; so they wondered if the Alex he mentioned had poisoned him.

"On the other hand, Alex [reluctant family] is said to be in the middle of his own spell when he called his wife, who was selling fruit from Afekhai Junction in Igara, and told her not to come home after the sale that day. But his wife didn't understand what her husband was talking about and came back. went home after the sale only to meet her husband, who was squirming and talking inconsistently.

The source continued, “He called a neighbor who accidentally forced him to the same hospital where Ebafor was. At the hospital, the two men behaved similarly and both died in less than five minutes.

When his wife came home to get a towel to cover her, she saw a fire and a coffin on the floor of her room. When Ebafor's room was searched, several spells were also scattered on the floor.

At the time of the report, police were believed to have recovered the bodies, but the people of Igara insisted on removing the amulets found in their homes.

When contacted, Bello Contongs, a publicist at Edo Police Command, said he would be briefed on the full incident.

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