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Missing Relatives Of A Found Little Boy

A 12-year-old-boy, identified as Tei Kwadwo Prince who lives at Abidjan Nkwanta a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region found his way into the studio of Peace FM/UTV at Abeka Junction Accra.

The little boy believed to have traveled from Kumasi to Accra in in the late hours of yesterday Monday, September 20, 2021 to search for his sister who lives in Accra.

According to the boy he's a puilp at Feyiase R/C Primary School and in class 3. He lives with his brother who's a Carpenter in Kumasi identified as Tei Kwabena Francis.

According to the report filled on Peace 104.3 FM, his senior brother always beats him, as he finds it threatened upon his life hence triggered him to leave home on a mission to search for his sister, who perhaps lives somewhere in Accra for some rest.

Unfortunately he doesn't know where she lives.

He was spotted by a good samaritan and carried to the studio, while they plead with anyone who knows him to visit Peace FM/UTV at Abeka Junction Accra.

Akwadaa Bone', how can a 12yr old boy traveled from Kumasi to Accra just like that, who gave him money to board a vehicle to Accra to search for someone he doesn't know where the person lives. Hmm children of nowadays fear them.

Anyway, I don't blame him much since it's hard to understand his situation unless you have once lost your parents and finds yourself maltreated by step mom/dad.This is a very sad as blood is thicker than water. I salute this little boy.

I beg to ask, did he buy a bus ticket if so why didn't the adults at the bus terminal query him, or the money was the main focus so that's all. Did the Papa driver see this small boy too when he alighted alone. Ghana we have serious national security issues. If he was kidnapped there will be noise about his whereabouts. Let's all be vigilant and observe these security concerns.

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