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Don't Forget I'm An Ewe Man From The Volta Region. - Hopeson Boldly Warns Fixthecountry Convenors.

The heated banter between the leaders of the fixing the country movement and the fixthecountry conveners is taking a different twist. Hopeson Yaovi Adorye who is one of the founding members of the pro government fixing the country movement has issued a very stern warning to the fixthecountry conveners after alleging that they had consulted a juju man in the Ashanti region to break them down.

Speaking live on Net 2 TVs seat show, Hopeson Adorye alleged that the intelligence he is gathering confirms that there was a meeting by the fixthecountry conveners last week at Golden tulip hotel with a juju man from the Ashanti region to attack them spiritually. He added the juju man revealed this plot to him and he(the juju man) stated he intentionally charged them a huge amount in order to deter them yet they told him they would go for the money from an unknown person in Accra.

After reveling this information, Hopeson Adorye issued out a very strong warning to the fixthecountry conveners plotting that evil against him and the other leaders."They shouldn't forget I am an Ewe man from the Volta region and when it comes to spirituality I'm not that soft. What makes them believe an juju man from the Ashanti region can bring me down? They shouldn't dare me else they will regret ever taking that step", he angrily warned.

He further revealed he is a security expect and he is monitoring every single step they take both within and outside the country.

Do you think the battle is becoming difficult for the fixthecountry conveners per this allegation?

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