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I pity people who attend public basic schools in Ghana - Guru

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Maradona Yeboah Adjei is one of the popular musicians in Ghana. Most of the people in the country knows him as Guru. Guru has sung many hits songs. Some of his hit songs are titled Lapaz Toyota, Akayida, pooley and many more. Guru is one of the most successful hiplife artist in Ghana. He is known for his contemporary hiplife rap style that combines English and Ghanaian indigenous languages.

According to an information reaching us, Guru has made a statement to the people of Ghana about how bad public schools are and the reason why public schools in the country are not good. According to Guru, if any one attended public schools (syto), then there is something wrong with that person, because that person will luck many things. He added that, it was until he entered preparatory school then he realized if he had gotten all that opportunity earlier. Maradona Yeboah Adjei who is popularly known as Guru by most Ghanaians also stated that, he could have been much better than what he was learning in the Government school in Nkoranza. Guru continue by saying that, there is something wrong with most of the Government institutions in the country, and there is nothing good been taught at public basic schools. And this is because the institutions belongs to the Government. Please share, like and comment on this article. 

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