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NDC's Felix Kwakye Ofosu Raises Questions On MORALITY and He Demands Answers From NPP and Parliament

In a Facebook post by Felix Kwakye Ofosu, he writes whiles quizzing that:

"How is it tolerable for an MP or anybody else for that matter, to publicly call for the beating of a journalist because of reportage he made? How is the leadership of the NPP able to put up with this open misbehavior by Kennedy Agyapong? How can they be so non-chalant about this? How does he get to Chair the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament with this kind of conduct. No standards are expected of leaders anymore?," he wrote.

Comments following his post have included the following:

Kwadwo Ofori-Atta writes "Felix Kwakye Ofosu, ask Stan Xoese Dogbe how was it tolerable for a Presidential Staffer so to speak to collect a journalist’s camera and smash it on the ground just because he did not want the said journalist to video something? Just think or ponder over this one too, if you’re done kindly come back here and let’s have conversation! Good day bro!"

Felix Kwakye Ofosu replied "Kwadwo Ofori-Atta stop talking nonsense in support of Ken Agyapong’s madness."

Eric Nart writes "Felix Kwakye Ofosu , please expect Nana to reward him for making such an unfortunate statement. The NPP has a lot of such fools and hails them."

Achimisi Stephen writes "Sam George MP, declared publicly that NDC youth should beat any military on the road as criminal."

Abdulai Sadique Abdulai writes "That's very disgraceful for a chairman of interior and defence committee of our parliament to have made such a comment about a journalist, doing his legitimate work. He doesn't fit appropriate to chair such committee."

Jim Adrah writes "We now living in a jungle under the watch of the Competent Akuffo Addo."

Adam Kassim writes "Please tell the incompetent Mahama to advise his wife to refund all the allowance paid to her since from 2009 to 2021 and stop what you are talking about for now."

Degbey Mawuli David writes "We're not serious as a country. He doesn't know how to keep secrets and talk anyhow now as chairman of defence and interior very bad."

K Pee Rich writes "You are doing your work as a #footsoldier but be circumspect. We are in this country when Sam George publicly declare that soldiers will be treated as criminals when seen in their demo, and your party were happy about that fatuous comment. So you want Npp party to #condemn this right. Least said......."

Bolnaba Mamudu Nurudeen writes "And some useless individuals will sit down and say Ghana’s democracy is an exemplary one for most Africa countries as well as the entire globe. Sorry"

Benjamin Kwame Amankwa writes "Abi we have made him god. He is above the laws of Ghana because as he claims, he has money."

Don Self writes "Even you who go about SLEEPING with OTHER PEOPLE'S WIFE'S wanted to be a parliamentary member .....EVEN YOU!!"

Evans Peprah writes "We politicized everything in this nation, the conduct of hon. Ken is very bad, pls let us condemn it. He did the same thing which led to a death of journalist in our country, so those defending I ask if Ahmed Suale was their brother, would they be happy?"

Nii Odoi Brown writes "My worry is what he said in connection with the president and I quote "if I were the president I will order for the beatings of that small boy Is Erastus " . No wonder the president has not said anything concrete about the Ahmed Suale issue"

Cudjoe Afeku writes "It shows the kind of characters npp is made of. Very vindictive and wicked."

Citizen Justice writes "As for this one I support you and let us all call for his removal from all the committees of Parliament."

Madalai Nash writes "As for this Kennedy man err I blame the people of Assin north who keep voting for him to be a parliamentarian it seems like majority of the people living in that constituency have lost their conscience as humans lah"

Agbo Bryant writes "Speaker must use all left him to remove hitman Ken Agyapong as chairman for Defence and Interior Committee in Parliament. He doesn't fit to be on that Committee"

Alhassan Abudu writes "In fact I don't blame Kennedy Agyapong but the people who continue to vote for him because a person like that is not supposed to be a member of parliament"

Eric Ankrah writes "That foolish reportable resulted in 2 deaths with some in critical conditions. Shame on u guys"

Citizen Kojo Deholy writes "This reality can only happen in the Republic of Bekyere. Anything is possible here. Sadly, we have such characters in our Parliament."

Eric Nart writes "Felix Kwakye Ofosu , remember Kennedy confessed. The more serious problem is that they'll rather kill innocent Ghanaians to protect the fools."

Kwaku Ofosu writes "Am sure your Facebook account was suspended when Sam George called for any person in military uniform to be beaten up last week during your failed demo"

Ember Abrokwa writes "Felix always picking and choosing what's wrong to condemn ... did u even condemned ur colleague?? Stan Dogbe??"

Frank DreamOcean writes "When you're bereft of ideas to put forth your points, your last resort is physical abuse and death threats and this is man who hold an enviable record with such threats and the victims never lived to tell their story. Everyone should be concern of such a character who represent a constituency."

Kweku Takyi writes "Disappointing, same as Sam George’s comments at the demonstration last week."

Emmanuel Gbemu writes "And he still holds a special position( defence) in Parliament....."

Faisal Ziblim writes "Total lack of standards..."

Martin Kafui Senanu writes "First of all, who made him or elected him as chair for that committee? We joke too much in this country"

Romeo Gh writes "You now have a Facebook account to post Felix Kwakye Ofosu, where were you when Sam George was barking just last week? What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander… Ofui"

Banger Bompata Appiah Edjei writes "Felix fear them oo, there is a long list of murder and Ghana police is handicap"

Ibraheem IB Prosper writes "When the opportunity is granted us in 2024 Inshaa Allaah, let’s turn Reverend Fathers for all. Thanks for understanding."

Felix Kwarteng writes "Is it just a reportage? A reportage that has made two people lost their lives and others injured? And you are crying because of beat Is he human than those that have lost their lives because of his reportage? Come again for there is no wisdom in this write-up"

Fast forward, Speaker Alban Bagbin has referred the Assin Central MP, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, to the Privileges Committee of Parliament for instigating attacks against JoyNews reporter, Erastus Asare Donkor and the directive issued by the Speaker on Wednesday, will enable the House to decide if the actions of Mr Agyapong breach the orders of Parliament and if so, recommend appropriate sanctions.

“This is my first time of hearing this matter. As it is now, I am compelled to refer to the Privileges Committee. It is a matter the Privileges Committee will have to go into and report to the House and it is for the House to decide whether the honourable Member is contentious of the House,” the Speaker said.

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