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Kill us if we murder people again: Notorious armed Robbers plead for mercy - Angel News confirmed.

Three notorious armed Robbers have been arrested in the early hours of today in Oti Region in a town call Nkwanta. The leader of the Gang is 23 years old, the other is 22 years old and the youngest is only 18 years old. These three notorious armed Robbers has been arrested and they are to face the court if they can defend themselves.

It was disclosed that the young men did not have pity on the life's of people has they can rob them in their face masks and if not Lucky they will kill you.

The news from Angel TV this afternoon confirmed that they were once chased by the police officers, but the three yong men escaped from the reach of the people leaving behind their face marks. The police take hold of their face marks and fortunately spotted a similar piece of cloth in a house which marches that of the face marks the armed Robbers were using. They then arrested them in the house and low and behold they finally confirmed they were the victims.

The Young boys made it clear that they don't understand Two but they only understand Fulani Language. So the police provide an interpreter they they were judged according to their words.

After the final declaration, the young boys started to speak in Two begging the Police officers to forgive them. They promise they will never kill people either to steal them again. But the cry the pleading was aimless. Their cup is full.

"Please forgive us, we will not steal or kill people again. If we do that again, kill us form the surface of the earth. We will change henceforth. We have learn our lesson and we will not do that again". - The three armed Robbers plead for mercy.

Theirs are Ibrahim, Musah and Bela. The lead the police to their hiding place and they retrieve and amount of Gh¢300.00 and some mobile phones.

The link will give you more proves.

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