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"It is hard Dr. Bawumia is the Vice-president of Ghana, don't take him seriously" -Youth Activist

Ivan Kyie Innocent, a youth activist, and a social commentator has descended heavily on the Vice-president, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia for his activities in his capacity as the Vice-president of Ghana. Kyie Innocent said it is said Ghana has Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia as the Vice-president of the country. He said this in reaction to a public lecture held by the Vice-president at Ashshi University dubbed, which he (Kyie Innocent) sees as one of the usual political talks of the former which Ghanaians should not take seriously.

Talking about the content of the lecture delivered, Kyie Innocent, who was speaking on the Abranasoo Show hosted by Okatakyie on November 6, said, the digitization agenda that the Vice-president is claimed to have championed has weak fundamentals. Ivan Kyie Innocent explained that the cost of data, which is a basic component in any meaningful discussion so long as Information and Communication Technology is concerned is extremely expensive in the country.

He continued that, internet connectivity is so poor in the country that even within parts of Accra, people find it difficult to access uninterrupted connections. He, therefore, urged Ghanaians not to take things said by the Vice-president seriously. He lamented why it is impossible to have access to an uninterrupted connection to the internet on a journey from Accra to Sunyani.

"... It is hard that Dr. Bawumia is the Vice-president of Ghana, but I think Ghanaians should not take him seriously. And we need to avail ourselves to something more serious that will turn this particular country around. .. Dr. Bawumia's lecture is one of those usually political talks and comedy because despite claims that he has improved Information and Communication Technology in the country, very basic internet connectivity doesn't work in some parts of the country, even some parts of Accra", he said.

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