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Two Lesbians Were Captured Practicing Homosexuality In A Car - Homosexuality On The Rise In Ghana

There are several cultures and religious beliefs in Ghana but none of them support or condone homosexuality.

Most Ghanaians quickly frown and portray a sheer disgust for homosexuality and those who practice it.

Some even go to the extreme of referring to homosexuals as fools or claim they are possessed by demons and evil spirits.

This, however, has not deterred homosexuals in the country from their sexuality. They are still in the shadows enjoying their preference. 

A bold lesbian couple in the face of the opposition they receive daily, for the choice of partners they choose went on Instagram live to engage in entanglement to show Ghanaians and their followers that, they are proud of their choices.

The ladies are believed to be residents of East Legon and recorded themselves doing it in a car.

Recently, the Member Of Parliament for the Ningo-Prampram Constituency Sam George led a campaign to illegalize homosexuality in the country, and perhaps this is a fightback against the campaign.

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