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"Painful" - I Suspect My Wife Is Cheating But I Have No Evidence To Prove My Stand

It is very painful and tearful to see someone you love cheat on you. I've experienced such situations many a time and I can say it's not a good thing. I've falled into the shackles of the wrong person where no love exist for me. My name is Cyril and I'm married to a woman who is a little bit older than me. She showed me all the love and care I expected from her in the beginning of our dating and finally to marriage. I really saw a bright future with Ewura until the unexpected happened. Eventhough she is older than I do, she gave me the necessary respect as the head of the family.

During our early days of marriage, we had no passwords in our phone and therefore we able to use each others phone without fear of cheating. That continue for about two years and that increase the trust I have in my legally wedded wife. As a Pharmacist, I lost my job right after the lockdown and things has not been easy for me since then. I resort to do menial jobs just to keep my family alive. Facially, my wife is the most innocent woman I've ever seen in my life. Her talking even proves she has no stain in it.

Just recently, I've seen her hiding when trying to make calls and that saddens me well. How on earth would such an innocent wife do that? I confronted her and she gave me cock and bull stories. I kept my cool since I knew she can never cheat on me. She has placed password on her phone and she is refusing to teach me. I got a call from a friend who saw my wife entering a guest house. He took pictures and sent it to me but since I've not seen her physically, I cannot accuse her.

I'm an introvert while she is very loud. I feel downhearted, I suspect my wife is cheating in me but I have no personal evidence to prove my stand. Please I need your help. What should I do?

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