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We are disappointed in our education system: Sekondi district chief Imam

The Sekondi district chief Iman Alhaji Soldiers has urged the government to do some changes in our education system as the system is not favoring the youth. 

Alhaji soldier said the government has been a failure in our education system as the number of students graduated every year do not get opportunities in the employment sector.

The rise of arm robbery in the country is because there is no job for the youth.

Alhaji Soldier said at this years Eid ul adha at Kwesimintsim in the western region.

The Sekondi district chief Imam in an interview after the Eid Ul Adha prayers presented meat and envelope to some venerable in the society as he says this is the time to give.

The government must do something to change our education system because our children can not graduate and become unemployed in the society, he noted.

Today's festival has been a joyous one as Ghanaians especially Muslims have prepared well to celebrate.

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