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Video: People's Reactions As A Woman Breastfeeds A Man In A Moving Bus

Wonderful things keeps happening as they will never stop in this world. In Africa, there certain things that are not allowed by culture to happen in public. Immediately one breaks the norms, people react.

A woman has broken these norms by allowing a man to feed on her breast in a moving bus. But before any incident happens, there is always a reason to it.

The reason that made her do that is that, the young man was sitting write beside her in the moving bus. What she realized is that, the man is crying. She asked him why? He said he is feeling hungry. With no food around, the woman decided to still help the hungry man by breastfeeding him in the bus.

But, despite the kindness of the woman, the people on board the bus were not happy about the situation as they reacted to it. Below are some of the people's reactions when the woman breastfed the man in the bus.

"What do you think you are doing?". A lady's reaction.

Another person stood up and reacted that, what the woman is doing is not good. "This is not accepted anywhere stop it!".

After the people's reactions, she got angry and decided to defend herself.

Below is the video kind courtesy adom tv online.

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