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You Had Multiple Sex With Mother And Daughter Secretly- Old Man Busted On Live TV

Ghana is indeed a place full of weird and shocking stories. An old man has been shamed and busted on Live TV after he was asked about having multiple sex with both mother and daughter without their knowledge. This weird story has however trends massively on the internet as people wonder how such an old man can engage himself in such evil and taboo act.

This case happened on Oyerepa TV show known for solving cases happening in our daily lives. The show is known as Oyerepa Afutuo. An unknown old man faced his shame on live TV as a young girl reported her case of the man breaking her virginity and taking advantage of her several times because she stays in his house. From the look of things it seems the old man has been doing these things for a long time. The host of the show Auntie Naa asked the man why he have been doing such thing to the young lady but he was unable to answer anything. After that the host revealed he has been sleeping with both mother and daughter. The man however accepted it by saying he is no more with the mother.

This act is one of the biggest taboo in Ghana. If it was in the olden days, he would have faced a very serious punishment from the chiefs. Let me know your view on tis issue.


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