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"Today Headline": A Woman Kidnapper Found With 70 Children.

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The use of coercion, fraud, or deceit to entice an innocent person(s) into labour or commercial sexual abuse is known as human trafficking. Since the aim of human trafficking is to enslave people, it is the same as slavery. It's very upsetting that a black woman, specifically a Nigerian woman who understands "What Slaves go through," is now involved in the trafficking of small children.

In Benin City, the perpetrator was apprehended. She specializes in kidnapping children, usually minors (under the age of seven), and then selling them to her buyers. What she does is also a form of human trafficking, but it's referred to as "Child Trafficking," and it's much more brutal than human trafficking. This is because the small children are still young and will be deprived of all of their basic human rights and freedoms.

The Benin City Police Command raided the building where the trafficking takes place, according to a video posted by the ‘Anambra Broadcasting Service.' When the cops stormed into the house, they discovered about 70 children, the majority of whom were minors.

Many people were shocked to see one of the female suspects running the crime syndicate with two minors under the age of a year in her arms. This implies that they abduct and sell children as well.

The little children were malnourished, as seen in the video, and there were several of them (numbering over 70). Information of how the perpetrators obtained these children have not yet been released, although many people believe that the majority of these children are lost children whose parents have been searching for them without success. The suspect intends to keep the minors in the house until their buyers arrive.

Parents with missing children are encouraged to contact the Benin City Police Department to see if their child is one of the 70 people rescued from human traffickers.

Below are some images of the children found with the kidnapper woman:

What do you suggest the government should do to her? Thank you.

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