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When I went to Hell, I saw a 9-year-old boy there. Find out the sort of sin he committed (video)

Pastor Emma has narrated an incident that will shock many people I reckon. The Lord by Grace has taken him to Heaven and Hell countless times and showed him mysteries to relay to the world.

In a video making rounds on the internet, he narrated what happened when the Lord took him to Hell on a certain day.

He narrated how he met a boy of such a young age that ended up in Hell. He said 'in Hell, I heard the voice of a boy who was nine years old saying I was the one who took the money. The boy continued ‘I will confess now, I have confessed now.'

Even though he made his confession in Hell, it was not the right place for confessions to be made because there is absolutely no pardon in Hell.

The reason why he made such a confession in hell is because he stole his mom’s money and when she asked him, he told her that he has not taken her money.

Time and days passed without this boy telling his mother the Truth till he died. Right after death, he ended up in Hell because no thief will end up in Heaven.

He begged and pleaded with the Lord as he made the confession that he took the money but then, Jesus told him that 'it is too late, it is too late.’

If Jesus can command a 9-year person to Hell, then it will be very easy to command you to Hell as well considering how old you are.

Even though He is full of Mercy, His Mercy does not overshadow His Holiness. Even though He is full of Grace, His Grace does not overshadow his Righteousness.

If you have stolen anything from someone, be it money, pen, clothe, shoe, matches, spoon, food, book or any other item, you are in an eternal danger if you do not make confessions.

Whether you have forgotten or remembers is not an issue; the main thing is that you have stolen and have not confessed.

That act is recorded in the records book of Heaven and will surely stand against you on the day you die. If you have stolen, return it to the person and ask him or her for forgiveness. In our walk with Christ, restitution is equally important.

If you decide that you will not confess on this earth, let it be known to you that you will surely confess in hell but it will be too late for you.

There are so many children in Hell due to some many offences. God wants Holy and Righteous people, not young or old people for without Holiness, no one will see the Lord.

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