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Yaa Afrakomaa causes stir with her pool side picture.

Yaa afrakomaa is causing stir with her pool side picture as she went out to swim. Take a look at her picture.

Swimmers have to provide movement in the water in order to propel themselves through it. Types of movement we use most commonly are paddling, sculling and kicking.

Paddling is likened to oars on a boat. A large flat surface area pulled in one direction causes another object to move in the opposite direction. In the case of the human body, we pull or push with our hands and arms, causing us to move backwards or forwards in the water accordingly.

Sculling takes the form of a curved shape in the water made by the hands as they move to find still, undisturbed water. Water that is not moving provides more propulsion than water that has already been moved. All of the swimming strokes require some kind of sculling action. Sculling is the most efficient way of moving our hands and arms through the water.

Kicking the water with the legs is the least efficient way of moving through the water as it can require a rapid movement that can very quickly become ring.

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