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The Guy Whose Proposal To A Lady In Market Went Wrong. (Video)

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The Guy Whose Proposal To A Lady In Market Went Wrong.

In this world relationship is one very beautiful moment in life especially when you get the someone who shows you true love and supports you always, sometimes it is very easy to forget about some of your friends and give the person all your attention to show appreciation. But sometimes people find it difficult to find their soulmate and sometimes when it happens that way, they find themselves hopeless.

This young guy try to express the love he got for a lady in market, he kneeled down whilst holding his ring in front of the lady seriously proposing to her. In fact many people were surprised of what the guy was doing and others too was so excited to witness what was going on in the market, the lady felt so disturbed, the guy was thinking that his proposal is going to be accepted but unfortunately the lady rejected.

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