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I can't stop laughing.

Laughter is medicine.

Sometimes we have to leave people to enjoy. How amazing when the young ones are taking good care of themselves whiles the old ones are still enjoying as if they are till young. Okay ooh Mr. President enjoy yourself to the fullest. The one and only show boy. Ghana loves you.

Do you recall the one time you wanted to escape your teacher and he got hold of you. LOL!!!That was how spelling b was together with hot mental in the morning there is no escape route.

Almighty Manchester United is at it again. Seriously Manchester United must learn how to win important matches. We are tire of their cold and hot attitude they are giving to us in the Champions League.

Ladies and their attitude. Unless they don't see the guy prospering. When you put us in our zone, you must also learn to be in your zone. Little play we want to play too!!!

What are we going to do to this betting companies at all. We are tired of them.

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