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Check out The vision Florentino Perez had for Football

Florentino Perez had the vision; he believed in it, he worked on it, and he stood by it. He challenged the shady organizations like UEFA and faced the media amidst backlash alone when others who had signed up for the goodies cowered away and stabbed him in the back. 

Nonetheless, he managed to prove that he still thinks ahead of the curve. He is concerned about our revenue streams and how the oligarchy of money challenges football clubs that solely depend on revenue generation for survival. 

Most importantly, he publicly pointed out the lack of transparency in UEFA; that within 24 hours of these remarks, agreed to invest 5 billion euros to increase the clubs' revenue. Keep in mind that this comes after all these years of them denying and covering up their stash. 

Now, it seems that Perez will go back to work on his pet project once again and see to it that the monopoly of UEFA is abolished. 

 Super League may not be the best idea. However, We will continue to support this man over any other organization like UEFA, Sky, EPL, LaLiga, etc. 

Perez's ideas have always been criticized, but they've always worked when implemented.

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