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Sister Afia disgraced as a man demand for his payment during a live interview

Ghanaian famous singer and hip-hop musician Sister Afia was in a deep disgraceful moment today at Accra 100.5FM.

According to reports, it was a disgraceful time when the bouncer man forcefully enters the radio station to demand his monthly salary for his service.

In the opinion of the macho-man, he has been a bodyguard for Sister Afia some number of years without getting paid for his service. The macho-man was in a black round T-shirt.

The bouncer revealed that he worked as a bodyguard for the singer and not received any payment before you.

According to the radio presenter, he asked the macho-man if the radio station is the correct meeting place, but the macho-man suggested that he had no option when he heard that Sister Afia is coming to Accra FM for an interview because he is not getting the opportunity to talk to Sister Afia ever he stopped guarding her. According to Sister Afia denied that she had not worked with this nasty man before and she doesn't even know him anywhere.

Bossu Kule who is the manager of Sister Afia also made the same statement as Sister Afia did.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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