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Paul Adom-Otchere wades into ethnocentric history book debate; makes interesting remarks

Popular broadcast journalist, Paul Adom-Otchere, has condemned in no uncertain terms, representations in a history textbook authored by Badu Nkansah Publications, considered to be offensive to Ewes; an ethnic group in the volta region of Ghana.

He described the publication that has sparked outrage in the country on grounds that it featured ethnocentric, divisive and derogatory content as terrible, lazy work, unintellectual and unacademic.

Contributing to the widespread debate on the botched history book on Good Evening Ghana, on Tuesday, Mr Adom-Otchere demanded the author and publisher must apologize for the serious blunder.

“Wherever those content came from; whether from the curriculum or the author’s own thoughts must be removed from books as soon as possible.

“The portion of the book that featured a song that shows the identity of Ewe people, is totally unacceptable. … ‘people say I am inward looking, but that is what they think’.  Which people is the book talking about? It is terrible! Were they trying to just fill the spaces and send it to Ministry of Education for money? It is simply horrible,” he exclaimed.

“Is this what you’re planning to teach our children in school? This is Horrible. It is lazy work and highly unintellectual. If you know eight Ewes and even five of them show a kind of attitude, it is not representative of all the Ewes in the country,” Mr Adom Othchere observed.

He however, established that the mention of Voodoo as a traditional belief of Ewes can be pardoned.

“I do not consider the Voodoo claim as derogatory. It is a fact that every traditional ethnic group whether Ga, Ewe, Northern or Akan, believed in a sort of god, tree or a kind of carving before the white man brought Christianity. That is why, I do not consider it derogatory. No traditional ethnic group in Ghana is Pentecostal, ICGC or any form of Christianity. African traditional religious studies clearly states this fact, and hence cannot to said to be malicious,” he added.

However, the ace journalist sounded a warning to the publisher to due diligence next time, to produce quality books which will communicate accurate facts with credible sources.

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