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Man Born Without A Jaw Finally Finds Love As He Gets Married (photos)

Joseph Williams of Chicago was born with facial orofacial syndrome, which means he has no jaw.

The 41-year-old had a rocky start in life, dealing with bullying and low self-esteem, but determined to persevere.

"Being born without a jaw took my mother by surprise," he said.

"I was a twin but the other child died before we were born. I was taken to Chicago from Illinois, where I was born, for various operations when I was only a few days old.

"I had a bone and skin graft when they tried to build my jaw but growing up my body resisted it and it didn't work.

"I was also put up for adoption, which allowed me to meet my host family."

Even though growing up was "difficult" and his condition causing a lot of trouble for Williams, he tries not to let it bother him.

However, his condition also means he has to mix his food and pass it through a tube connected to his stomach.

"I have a throat in my throat that helps me breathe," she explains. "And when I was two years old, I was taught sign language to help me communicate."

But since then I've found new ways to communicate, like taking notes and writing on my phone.

Williams has learned to fully embrace herself as she gets older and doesn't want to feel "constrained" by her condition: "I admit that I'm unique and some people may reject me because they think I'm unattractive, but I do." I'm still a person with a heart, a feeling and a mind."

“I, like everyone else, deserve to be treated with dignity.

"I prefer people to come to me and ask questions rather than stare at me or point."

Williams recently found love and respect with Vanya, whom he met at work; They were friends at first and then fell in love and got married in 2020.

"People probably wouldn't expect me to get married. To be honest, I didn't expect that either," she said.

"Being born without a jaw has given me a different perspective on life and shaped who I am today."

Here are some photos of him.

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