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Ways To Make Your Phone Battery Last Long And Strong

1. Turn Down the Brightness

One of the perfect approaches to prolong your battery existence is to show down the display screen brightness. It has been proven that reducing the brightness honestly does make a difference. 

2. Mind Your Apps

Apps which are stealthily running inside the heritage may be battery drainers. To do that, double faucet the home button to peer what apps are strolling, and then maintain down on one of the icons till they begin wiggling. Tap the “-" signal within the top left nook of every app icon to shut it. Video games particularly loose variations with ads are the largest culprits.

3. Turn on Airplane Mode

Switching to aircraft mode is not only for those instances while you are flying the friendly skies, it is a splendid way to conserve your battery in a pinch. The disadvantage is which you will not be able to make or obtain calls or text messages or hook up with the internet, but it may be top-notch to preserve your battery strength for a while you really want it.

4. Reduce Notifications for Apps

Getting an on the spot notification when you have a new Facebook message or Twitter point out may be an extraordinary way to live connected on the go. But if you receive quite a few of them, your battery life can pay the fee. Turn off the notifications or restrict them to the certainly essential apps.

5. Always use the unique charger.

The sort of charger you use additionally has an effect on battery existence. The great charger to apply in charging your telephone is the only boxed with the telephone. However, if it has spoiled, ensure you buy the unique charger that fits your phone to make smartphone battery ultimate longer.

6. Avoid charging your battery past 100%

While leaving your phone to charge overnight is a common habit, it can actually shorten its battery lifespan. When kept at 100% charge your battery not only experiences higher stress from the higher voltage, heat also builds up over time. If you can not avoid leaving your phone to charge overnight, make sure its in cool or well-ventilated place so the heat can more easily dissipate.

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