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Good News To All NABCO Personnels

It is not easy to completed the University for about 2 to 10 years without a job. This situation have leave most of graduates desperate and hopeless. However, the current administration led by President Akuffo-Addo introduce Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) programme to address graduate unemployment in Ghana.

Although, this measures taken by the government couldn't solve the canker. But in every story there is a good news. The news that emerged indicates that financial clearance has been to recruit a number 11,000 Personnels into various departments and agencies in the country including prison, police, immigration and others.

Deputy Finance Minister, Hon. John Kuma has disclosed that more than half of NABCO Personnels will be made permanent. I believe that by the end of this year all NABCO personnels will get their permanent job.

Speaking on Hello FM in Kumasi, Sister station of Peace FM, added that once the financial clearance has been given by the government, all workers will be paid by the end of the month without dalay.

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