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Road Accident

Alarming: January To April 2021 Road Accidents Related Deaths Surpasses Total COVID-Related Deaths.

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Our daily activities always calls for movement from one place to another. We always move from one place to another using several media of transport. We either walk (for short distances) or travel by car, bus, train, motorcycles etc. for long distances. These media of transport comes with their individual disadvantages. In Ghana, the most dominant media of transport is travelling by cars, buses and motorcycles.

You could see on the various roads on Mondays, especially in the populous regions e.g. Greater Accra and Ashanti, that people are busy going to their workplace whiles others would be at the bus stops waiting for cars or buses. Most people take cars and others also drive their own cars to the workplace. Vehicles help us to arrive at the workplace on time and this increases productivity. It is however sad when people do not reach their destination due to accidents which occurs en route to their destination. Several road accidents have been reported just five months into the year 2021 with deaths also recorded in that period.

This situation has become alarming and calls for some actions to be taken. The earlier this issue is resolved, the better. The country needs such important human resource in it's development.

We are currently in the 5th month of the year 2021 but statistics given out by Mrs. May Obiri Yeboah, the Director-General of the National Road and Safety Authority (NRSA) indicates that over 1000 people have lost their lives due to road accidents from January to April 2021. Let us do some calculations to make things simpler.

- Over 8 people lose their lives due to road accidents each day

- Over 250 deaths from road accidents are recorded every month.

All things been equal, if measures are not put in place then we would not be expecting anything less than 3000 road accidents related deaths at the end of the year 2021.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country somewhere mid March last year 2020, the deaths recorded is about 783 (this is according to 3news' report on the media's website).

Though we find the virus to be deadly, the number of road accidents related deaths surpasses this figure. Hence the need to pay attention to this issue of road accidents.

The number of roads accidents related deaths that was recorded last year, 2020 was 2500; the highest figure since 1991. It seems we are treading on the same path this year and it's scary.

Though we all want the virus to be eradicated from the system, the question is which is more deadlier? The VIRUS or ROAD ACCIDENTS? How do you think this issue can be resolved?

For me, I think

- the laws of the country should be enforced by the appropriate authority and all would be good.

- the roads should be fixed; it should be maintained from time to time

- we as citizens should also play our part by observing traffic regulations and also take good care of the roads.

Only to mention a few.

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Please let us drive safely on our roads. Observe all traffic rules for life is really precious.

Thanks for reading the article.

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