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Cryptic Pregnancy Is Real, Here Is Why A Woman Might Be Pregnant Without Knowing

Have you heard of a woman who didn't notice her pregnancy till the day of delivery? The claim that a lady was unaware of her pregnancy until the day of delivery is sensational, but it is important to note that comparable situations occur in the medical world.

Cryptic pregnancy In cryptic pregnancy, the woman does not discover she is pregnant until halfway through. Some women find out they're pregnant after the fifth month, while others find out earlier. Strangely, most people are unaware of the causes, so let's have a look at the facts.

Why Do Cryptic Pregnancies Occur?

Cryptic pregnancy has no known or definite cause, but there are probable causes. Researchers have identified various reasons why women are unaware of their pregnancy. Listed below are some of the causes of cryptic pregnancy in women.

Use of birth control pills; effective but not foolproof. This means that some women get pregnant even after taking their tablets effectively. Because they are on birth control pills, they tend to dismiss any pregnancy symptom as unrelated to pregnancy, only to realize it is.

Back pain, pelvic discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and other pregnancy symptoms are common signals that a woman is pregnant. Some women skip their periods and assume it's due to an unusual menstrual cycle, not understanding it's due to pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms resemble menopause symptoms. Women who have previously struggled to conceive may become pregnant and not be aware of it. This is one reason for cryptic pregnancy.

Not feeling the baby move; a baby's position can cause a woman to not feel pregnant until later in pregnancy.

Possible Complications.

Premature birth or labor are possible complications of cryptic pregnancy. Women who are unaware of their pregnancy may not attend prenatal appointments or consume foods that may cause prenatal or preterm birth. If a woman is unaware she is pregnant, she may not be as cautious.

Second, cryptic newborns are generally underweight compared to normal babies. This increases the probability of a stillborn baby dying.

A cryptic pregnancy is risky for the pregnant lady because she is unaware of the pregnancy and health professionals are not checking for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

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