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Who Said Hajia Bintu is Ugly Without Makeup - These Photos will Change your Mind

Hajia Bintu is one of the few celebrities who does not often apply makeup. Concluding from the photos she posts, she only apply make up when it for an occasion, event or advert.

It could be remembered that at some time, she came under heavy criticism for being ugly and not beautiful. One time was a twitter influencer who said she looked like zongo.

The next time was Archipelago who blustered that Hajia Bintu is over rated and not beautiful. Ever since then, she most people have been trolling her and saying she is ugly without make up.

Although it's true in her photos, she is most often in makeup, she tries as much as possible to post her pictures without make up.

I for one think she is naturally beautiful and does not require makeup for her photos. Her melanin skin is worth to behold.

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