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Ways NPP will break the 8

Professor Raymond Atuguba, dean of the University Of Ghana School Of Law, has identified seven crucial factors as the New Patriotic Party's (NPP's) motivations for wanting to "break the eight."

At the 4th Triennial Conference 2022, held in Tamale by the Ghana Studies Association, the Law Professor discussed these issues under the title "Ghana at the Crossroads."

A worldwide affiliate of the African Studies Association, the Ghana Studies Association aims to provide a venue for cutting-edge original study on Ghana's society, culture, environment, and history.

Prof. Atuguba asserts that "Break the 8 has many more components, even though stealing Election 2024 and installing a stooge is at its core. He listed the following components of the clannish structure of Break the 8:

First, there has been a concerted effort to erase, or at least devalue, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's central role in the nationalist struggle, the early years of national reconstruction, and his legacy in Ghana, Africa, and around the world, and to replace that with a very inadequate alternative. Their Dr. J. B. Danquah-I will euphemistically refer to this project as "The Founders of the Nation,"

The Second Project, which they euphemistically refer to as "The Financial Clean-up Project," entails the identification, control, emasculation, strangulation, and destruction of every source of financial power, other than their own, at a scale and pace never before seen in our system of democratic governance, in order that they may, in 2024, use money to influence the candidates and election results in the affluent democracy that we maintain;

Thirdly, the project entails the capture and buy-out of all other parties and some elements of the major opposition party, again using financial incentives on a scale never before seen in the past 30 years, in order to make these parties and elements at least neutral or, in the worst case scenario, attack dogs of the opposition who are prepared and eager to call the 2024 Election for the stooge;

Fourth, the insistence that there be unwavering obeisance to the political leadership at the micro, meso, and of course, macro levels of the public services, for good or for bad, extending to formal and informal attempts to remove anyone suspected of even the slightest disloyalty, dismally reflecting in the removal of Vice-Chancellors of public universities for the first time in our political history, purely on suspicion of party-political disloyalty;

The incubation of parallel security forces, some of which are forcibly integrated into regular forces and others which are not, and the use of these guns for hire for all forms of physical violence constitute the fifth element of "Break the 8," which, according to some, will culminate in their deployment for Election 2024 against the backdrop of real or staged evidence of terrorism and violent extremism with the aim of limiting freedoms, terrorising the opposition, and robbing the public.

Project "break the 8" also involves the hounding of all critical national voices, including those in academia, the media, civil society, and even faith-based organisations, either by buying them out, which entails paying them for their silence, or by using state force such as the security services, the military, and the police, as well as administrative state tools like tax authorities and regulatory bodies.

Seventh and lastly, a brazen urge to use extreme measures to achieve goals, regardless of the cost to people's lives, the national economy, or institutions built over a century and a half. Examples include the first time in our democracy's history, removing an Electoral Commissioner on false charges, and storming a court to release political operatives and apparatchiks in order to send a very clear message that the ag is not above the law.


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