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Ghanaians Are Pleading For Akuapem Poloo To Be Free

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Ghanaian celebrities has stated that Akuapem Poloo did not mean to harm her child.

After she was pleaded guilty to all three charges and was convicted on her own plea by the court presided over by Christina Cann, on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, the actress called Akuapem Poloo hoped for the judge to be lenient.

From the celebrities view, it will be harsh if Akuapem Poloo is handed a jail term.

Many celebrities suggested that they saw Akuapem Polio’s pics online and reported it for Instagram to take them down. The pictures were removed and she apologised publicly. She is his mother and they don’t think that she meant any harm to her child. However they don’t think she should be handed a jail sentence.

They hope the judge is lenient in this case. There are literally peadophile and child molesters whom are are walking free. They hear of some cases where some people who have raped and sodomisied children are not prosecuted.

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