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Check Out The New Development in the Sim Card Re-registration

Former DCE aspirant for the Suaman district of the Western North region, Hon.Kennedy Annor Ngyissah Koah, the renowned Director of Operations of the New Patriotic Party Youth Organization (NPPYO), has urged the government, particularly Communication Minister, Hon Ursula Owusu, to descend down with Telecommunications Company (TELCOS) to decentralize the re-registration process in order to overcome difficulties at various centers.

That's according to study by Hon.Ngyissah-Koah, who found that registrants are voicing their concerns about issues that need to be addressed immediately.

"The centers are in a state of disarray, and the registration procedure has been rife with difficulties," he said.

To combat money laundering, mobile money fraud, sim-box business scams, impersonation, and a host of other crimes, the government has enacted this regulation, which he continues to commend. Aside from clearing out the payroll system's phantom identities, he claimed, this operation (the Ghana card) would help the government raise funds for local projects.

While the objective of registering all sim cards in the country is good, the Ministry of Communication and TELCOS authorities should work together to put measures in place to prevent a rise in crime at the centers, said Hon Koah. The TELCOS has no right to subject the citizens to inhumane torture.

He continued by adding that while the program is well-received across the country, it might harm the government's reputation if it isn't properly administered.

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