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Mother receives the shock of her life after seeing the wreck caused by her two kids

Kids sometimes portray some behaviors which keeps their parents as well as their custodians wondering where they really got those ideas. Some of the actions they execute is so irritating such that it sometimes fills their custodians with anger and pushes them to transfer that rage directly to them. This is the reason why they say that parenthood is very difficult.

You just have to make sure that you suppress the anger that comes with certain difficult situations and also inculcate the habit of staying calm and patient whenever you get to come by situations. This piece talks about an instance when a woman discovered the shock of her life after her little children decided to cause chaos in the bathroom.

They had left her presence and for that matter she was thinking they were playing in another room. Her ignorance had cost her the whole box of noodles she had in the kitchen. These kids decided to take the noodles and move them right from the kitchen to the bathroom. This shows how determined they were to cause trouble.

For kids as little as them to carry that box even shows you they were pumped up for action and were ready to execute their plans no matter what happened

Right after moving the box to the bathhouse, they decided to let the noodles out of their packaging and put them in the bathtub. They had probably seen their mother cook noodles for them and for that matter, they decided to replicate those acts. The new chefs in the house then decided to fill the bathtub with water just like their mother does with silver bowls but unfortunately for them, there was no fire beneath the bathtub to get these noodles cooked.

Right when their mother realized they had been away from her for a long period of time, she decided to check up on them only to find out they had wasted food which could sustain them for as many as seven days.

Even though they caused trouble, their cute faces wouldn't even stop you from loving them more. These kids upheld stubbornness and executed it perfectly like it was nobody's business. This is where good parenting really counts because letting your anger overcome their act will only end you up doing something you will regret at the end. What would you have done at that particular moment if you were their mom? Please be honest.

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