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Akumadan Accident: Driver Who "Mysteriously Vanished" From Accident Scene Finally In Police Grips.

On Tuesday, horrifying reports indicated that, a bus carrying passengers had run into a vehicle parked along the road leading to a fire and subsequently killing at least 6 people.

Survivors of the horrific incident narrated how the driver ignored all their warnings while speeding needlessly on the road, leading to the sad incident.

Initial investigations done by the Police also indicated that, the driver was at top speed as he approached a police checkpoint in Akumadan, a finding which goes in tandem with some passengers' description of the incident.

(Scene of burnt bus)

Realizing what he ( the driver) has done, he bolted away for fear of being attacked by surviving passengers and onlookers who were shocked by the incident.

His disappearance from the scene prompted the police to mount a search for him, but instead, has turned himself in to the police.

The driver who has been identified as 36 year old Akwasi Amoateng, is currently in police custody at Akomadan Police Command in the Ashanti Region assisting investigations.

He will be arraigned before a court and could face charges such as negligence and reckless driving.

(Scene of the burnt bus)

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