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NDC MP defies all odds as he does a wonderful project to support Nana Addo's government

Most at times development in Ghana becomes impeded because of how we politicised everything. If one political part is in power and begins a project, the other party will not continue in case they regain power from the incumbent government. This has been there for so many years and it is very worrying. It has been happening between the two major political parties in Ghana which is the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress.

The main reason such thing is going on is because none of them wants to take the opposition party's glory so they will not even touch a project which was started by them. For example if NPP starts a project and leave office, NDC does not want to continue because NPP will say it was their project and vice versa. I think when all these things stop, Ghana will become best and not lack anything.

NDC member of Parliament for Juaboso Constituency , Kwabena Mintah Akandoh has done something wonderful in his constituency. He has been able to construct two CHPS Compound for communities which were having a lot of problems as far as health is concerned. He didn't say his party is not in power so he he will overlook on those problems to become a burden on his people. The facilities will serve as first line treatment centre for the people in the community. He said during his first term they opened for about 20 CHPS compound but he didn't construct a building but this time around he decided to build an infrastructure which will benefit the community and also becomes government property. Honourable Kwabena Minka Akando is a committee member of health in Parliament and what he has done has really proven that he is walking the talk.

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