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Does Your Woman Moan During Lovemaking? This Is What It Means

Lovemaking is a pure art. The satisfaction or excitement is practically a combination of physio-psychological effects. Just like a pressure pipe, one ‘burst out’ in unimaginable arousal that they had to moan. It is natural and very behavioral depending on the sexual experience of the person, sexual therapists have argued.

But this is more of a feminist response to a sexual activity, as only a few men do express these feelings during lovemaking. But before we continue let me held with some definitions of what moaning is.


Moaning is a prolonged, low, inarticulate sound uttered either in pain or some strong emotional gratification.  In lovemaking, this expression by your partners could mean two things and you need to pay more attention to it so you either reinforce what you doing that is causing it or you stop.


The anatomy of the female sexuality is more complex and has several nerve endings that gets stimulated during lovemaking. In fact, the sciences around it demonstrate the millions of neural activities are fired to cause that overwhelming sweet sensation for women to an extent they simply have to moan. It thus becomes involuntary [for some women], but for others its part of the foreplay getting their man turned on.


Women moan during sex to communicate to their partners they’re enjoying what they are doing. This could a right moment for the man to romp her the more and crystalize the sexual experience.

However, some are an indication of pain, uncomfortable of bored with their partner. Don’t even mistake every moaning by your woman to be a good signal!


Moaning To Fake Orgasm

Just as it is a behavioral tendency, some women tend to fake it. There might be some justifications for it but it is advised that you stay true to your feelings and sexual experience.

Faking your moaning simply sends a wrong signal to your partner and should he find out, it could disrupt your relationship.

Being real gives the right and positive reinforcement that boost your partner’s confidence. Don’t fake it.

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