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Manasseh Azure Awuni Jabs School Teachers And Causes Stir

An investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has jabbed school teachers and causes massive stir on Rastafarians issues rolling in the country for some days now without having mercy or sympathy for them.

Manasseh Azure Awuni has stated that when it comes to not admitting Rastafarian student in school, school teachers were very quick enough to speak up and defend themselves but when it comes to lack of textbooks and essential teaching and learning materials, they won't speak up.

According to Manasseh Azure Awuni, teachers don't want to offend the Government and be victimized when they need to talk about things that will help them make teaching easier in their various schools.

"When it's about not admitting Rastafarians or denying students the right to fast, they are able to stand their ground and call the bluff of the government. When it's about the lack of textbooks and essential teaching and learning materials, they will not speak up because they don't want to offend the government and be victimized" Manasseh Azure Awuni said to jabbed them.

When this issue came, people saw how united some teachers are to rejects the two Rastafarians at Achimota senior high school and how boldly they defended themselves till court ordered them to admit the students.

Although Manasseh Azure Awuni message completely jabbed teachers but he is calling on them to use the same energy used to defend themselves over Rastafarian issue to speak up and let the Government provide their needs for them.

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Manasseh Azure Awuni Manasseh Azure Awuni Jabs Rastafarians


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