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A Moment Without WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram; How Your Living Is Centered On Social Media

Before the advent of technology, our forefathers use to stay and feel more connected by using so many ways to get in touch with one another, and they were happy about it. At that time, there was nothing like social media and whatever. Currently, we have several social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, etc that help people who are far apart to feel connected.

How will you feel about the absence of all the platforms or even one of them? I use to ponder over how life without social media platforms will mean to people and the world as a whole. I use to wonder how this so-called "Slay Queen" business will fare if all of these social media platforms shut down for a month. I use to imagine how people will be disconnected and feel lonely as they will not be able to link up with friends and family through text messaging. This will equally mean that you will no more get “likes” and “comments” from your friends as a way of complimenting you for how beautiful, handsome, how well you've done, or how best you are being wished, for you to also feel that you are somebody.

There would be no need for you to make your thoughts look more visually appealing with no struggle to make your pictures and status “post” attain the most likes and comments on such platforms, or for your uploaded videos and lives to be most viewed which makes us feel proud of ourselves and not only that but we also read and comment on peoples post for them to know that we have read it. And oh, not forgetting all the minor online businesses and ventures that have been set up to attain earns meet, how would the shut down of all these platforms forever affect earnings?

Well, yesterday(04-10-2021), some of these imaginations became a reality and a number of these questions were answered when three of the world's stronghold social media platforms went off for just about 6 hours. There was chaos throughout the world with the shutdown being described as causing financial losses and damage to not only social media users but the entire globe.

How did you feel about the shutdown of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram? Let us hear your views, share your experience in the comment section below.

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A Moment Without WhatsApp


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