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I've Been living In The forest For 40 Years. I Don’t Have Transportation To Go Back To My Home Town

Life can be difficult at times, especially when you try your hardest to provide a decent life for yourself and your family but things don't seem to work out and you continue to struggle. Every man's dream is to go out and find a good job so that he can work hard to earn money and establish a better life. When you have money, you can achieve many good things in life.

When you have money, you can rent or build a home and when you are unwell, you can go to the hospital and be treated by expert doctors as soon as possible before your condition worsens, furthermore as a man, you can marry and create a family of your own when you have money, especially as soon as possible in life. However, without money, obtaining these fundamental necessities that make life more joyful and comfortable is quite difficult.

Now meet Mr Mumuni, who has been living in the jungle for over forty years all because he has been unable to obtain transportation money to return to his hometown. Mr Mumuni is from Wa, but he moved to Kumasi to find work so that he could send more money to his wife and three children in Wa so that they might have a better life. According to him, when he first arrived in Kumasi, he began weeding some people's farms to make a livelihood, but as time passed, he was unable to get money, and things became difficult for him.

Mr Mumuni explained that when it became tough for him to get money, things were so difficult that he couldn't get money for transportation to return to his family in his home town, so he opted to stay in the forest and create a life there, which he has done for many years. He's been living in the wild for so long that the children he left behind are now adults with offspring of their own. 

When he gets a chance to talk to them on the phone, they ask him where he is, but he doesn't tell them but to them he is still working in Kumasi, unaware that he is living in a forest.

He claims he is not afraid of living alone in the forest since anything or anyone who tries to harm him will change their minds as soon as they get close to where he is living deep in the forest.

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