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"Emelia Brobbey is Fake. She Banged Shatta Wale When He Was With Michy," Shatta's Cousin Alleges - V

A lady claiming to be Shatta Wale's cousin has gone berserk on social media with information that has left many wondering and asking questions. This lady in a video circulating on IG has alleged that Emelia Brobbey is no saint at all because she was one of the many ladies who banged Shatta Wale when he was still with Michy.

This all started when Michy reacted to a comment by asking the person whether he or she helps her pay her son's school fees. By that post, some interpreted it to mean Shatta Wale had probably abandoned his fatherly duties. This led to several reactions on social media with some calling out Shatta Wale.

This lady claiming to be Shatta Wale's cousin then reacted to Michy's comment by saying she should stop playing the victim. She further threatened to expose her if she doesn't desist from her attitude.

True to her words, she came out with allegations upon allegations of the dirty dealings of Michy. Reacting to an interview granted Michy by Emelia Brobbey which she the cousin claims to have been referred to as a bad friend to Michy, she went ahead to allege that Brobbey is fake because she too slept with Shatta Wale.

As to whether Michy will come to respond to these allegations, none can tell and the same goes for Emelia Brobbey. For what is worth, it will be needful for them to come and respond to these allegations in order for them to clear their names.

Shatta Wale and Michy appear to be one time two love birds whose issues will never cease to be discussed. The two whose relationship hitherto appeared to be the epitome of perfect celebrity relationship eventually fell apart after accusations and counter-accusations of infidelity.

Watch the video here:

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